Provide the most robust and
responsive voice-activated
services to Seniors while
lowering OpEx.

Deary provides seniors with in-home services simply
by responding to their voice commands,
while streamlining senior housing service
provision and saving costs for operators.

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Deary solves the senior access to technology gap and expands senior housing operators’ service provision.

Seniors currently experience a technology gap that limits their ability to access critical services, communicate with loved ones, and even receive responsive health and safety information and care. More than 40% of seniors experience loneliness on a regular basis; this leads to significant negative health impacts, including earlier and increased mortality rates. Senior housing providers have no clear solutions to provide access to technology or solve the loneliness problem in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Deary solves these problems for them.

Real-Time Voice-Activated Services


Deary allows seniors to speak their needs and have services delivered to them immediately, without needing to figure out and manually click-through smartphones and download and navigate confusing apps. Deary is an easy to use in-home companion.

Comprehensive Gap Analysis


Deary tracks how seniors are doing, communicates this information to loved ones and care-takers, and provides service solutions. By tracking and analyzing unit, property, portfolio, and market-level data, Deary arms owners with data to provide better services for individual seniors, and recommendations for how to better manage and operate specific properties and portfolios.

Targeted Service Deployment


Deary provides the most critical services to seniors, including immediate emergency response, delivered in-person services when requested, and communication means with loved ones, and can do so without requiring heavy hiring and service infrastructure by operators. By saving operating costs and providing better, more robust services, operators save money and seniors are healthier and happier.

We have found it difficult to introduce technology to our seniors in a way that they want to use it and find it enjoyable. Deary solves that—and our seniors love to talk to it.

Senior Housing Operator

Deary is a fun and easy way to communicate with my grandson and to get problems in my apartment solved quickly and without it being a pain. She can be funny too.

Senior Resident

Building a large offering of in-house service provision at our properties is something we don’t like doing, as it’s a loss leader in most cases for us. Deary provides our most critical needs through third-party provision, saving us time and money, while making our residents lives better.

Senior Apartment Developer

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If you’re a senior housing operator looking to improve your service provision, provide a companion for your residents, and lower operating costs, or a senior looking to improve your lifestyle, contact us for more information.